The Team

Jean-François Masson, Ph.D. | Joelle Pelletier, Ph.D. | Ludovic Live, Ph.D. | Michael Atkin, M.B.A. | Philippe Masson, Eng.

President and Co-Founder - Jean-François Masson
Dr. Masson has been an Assistant and Associate Professor of Chemistry at the Université de Montréal since 2007 and is a renown expert on Surface Plasmon Resonance technologies and applications. He has published over 70 scientific articles in high impact journals and his discoveries have led to filing 8 patents on various instrumentation and chemical innovations. Recipient of awards and distinctions for his contribution to Analytical Chemistry, Dr. Masson is currently Reviews Editor at The Analyst, a Royal Society of Chemistry journal.

Arizona State University, Ph.D. in Chemistry

Vice-President and Co-Founder - Joelle Pelletier
For over 15 years, Dr. Pelletier has been a Professor of Chemistry and adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at the Université de Montréal. Her well-published research and patents in biodetection and protein engineering integrate protein structural determination, physical-organic chemistry, high-throughput screening and computational modelling. She serves on numerous grant panels, executive boards and selection committees in Canada and internationally. Dr. Pelletier is co-director of PROTEO, the Québec Network for protein Function, Engineering and Applications, where she promotes networking within Canada and abroad.

McGill, Ph.D. in Biochemistry

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder - Ludovic Live
Dr. Live earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dr. Masson's research group where he gained expertise on Surface Plasmon Resonance's physics, instrumentation and manufacturing processes. He extended his knowledge in assay development as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto and applied those skills as a research scientist at a medical devices startup in Toronto before joining Affinité Instruments in 2015. Dr. Live has published over 10 scientific articles on spectroscopy, biodetection and assay development and is co-inventor of a patented new class of SPR substrates.

Université de Montréal, Ph.D. in Chemistry

Business Advisor and Co-Founder - Michael Atkin
M. Atkin has over 20 years of experience in assisting startup and larger companies succeeding in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology. He helps clients in life sciences and technology advance their innovation toward commercialization through achievement of financing and product development milestones, M. Atkin is currently principal of Syzent Partners Ltd., a consulting firm, and serve as Chairman of Sopharmia Inc., an antibiotic technology startup, and Chariman of Affinité Instruments.

Columbia University, M.B.A.

Engineering Advisor - Philippe Masson
M. Masson is Director of Software Research and Development at AV&R, an automation, vision and robotic Engineering firm. Since 2007, he occupied various position within AV&R such as designer-programmer and project and technological manager where he managed small teams of people and also interacted with various suppliers and manufacturers in Canada and abroad. M. Masson assisted AV&R's growth and expansion using his expertise in programming and electrical engineering.

ETS Montréal, B.Sc. in Automation and Automated Production Engineering