Label-Free and Real-Time SPR Sensing for Molecular and Chemical Testing

The 3 Ms of P4SPR: Key Features Unlocking the Full Potential of Research


Adaptable for different optical conditions, fluidic requirements, and other analytical techniques such as electrochemistry, HPLC and MS


Smaller and lighter than your average textbook. The USB powered P4SPR can be packed or deployed within minutes. Portable for on-site testing in lab and in field

Multi Channel

Four-channel design providing background-corrected, triplicate sample data for precise and accurate results every time


Affinité’s innovations are deployed in research areas such as bioanalytical sciences, environmental monitoring, material science and more.

News Headline: Dr. Masson named Top 40 Under 40 by The Analytical Scientist.


A Word from Scientists Pushing SPR Bounderies with Affinité
Philipe L. - Responsable de laboratoire

Philipe L. - Responsable de laboratoire

Université de Montréal / Biochimie

Instrument facile à utiliser. On a obtenu des résultats en quelques minutes et développé un protocol pour les étudiants au bac en quelques jours.

Steve B. - Professeur

Steve B. - Professeur

Université du Québec à Montréal / Chimie

Although we have a state-of-the-art SPR, we use the P4SPR with graduate students to teach SPR and perform rapid testing.

Nick J. - SPR wizard

Nick J. - SPR wizard

Toronto Recombinant Antibody Centre

The first time I saw the P4SPR I was amazed by its small footprint. This device really addresses the lack of accessibility and cost barrier of current SPR options for academic users.

Guillaume L. - Ph.D. en chimie synthèse

Guillaume L. - Ph.D. en chimie synthèse

Université de Montréal / Chimie

Afin de caractériser une cible biologique pouvant interagir avec une molécule d'intérêt pharmacologique, l'utilisation de la SPR s'est avéré un choix judicieux.
L'interface est facile d'utilisation et accessible pour des scientifiques dont le domaine d'expertise se rapproche de près ou de loin à la physique des plasmons.

Kyle B. - Director of Functional Proteomics Facility

Kyle B. - Director of Functional Proteomics Facility

Carleton University

A number of academic research labs in the university have taken advantage of the ultra-portable unit to carry out SPR based binding experiments in their own labs with publishable results.

Federico - Senior Researcher

Federico - Senior Researcher

CRO Aviano

The flexibility and modularity of the system is key for us. We were able to adapt the P4SPR to integrate electrochemistry and fluorescence spectroscopy in parallel with SPR to create a unique multi-analytical system fitting our research needs.

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