Next Generation SPR: Simplified Sensors

Affinité is expanding SPR into applications requiring small, lowplex sensors for rapid monitoring of targets such as organic compounds, proteins and even new materials. Here are a few examples.

Explosives Residues in Ground Water

P4SPR deployed on the field to detect small organic explosives residues at ppb levels in water

Immunogenicity Assay to Detect ABAs

Development of integrated SPR/ELISA for anti-drug antibodies (ABAs) detection in clinical samples

Plasmonic Materials Development

SPR characterization of microhole arrays for combined SPR/LSPR benefits in conventional SPR

Immunoassay to Detect a Cytokine

A selectivity assay to characterize EBI3/IL-6 binding to strengthen a biological chemistry study

Lowplex Small Ligand Screening

Affinity measurements of small ligand binding to a scavenger receptor for biosensing characterization

Affinité Products

Affinité offers a suite of label-free monitoring products focused on lowplex SPR and surface chemistry to help scientists in basic life science research accelerate their discoveries. Affinité’s products allow you to take advantage of SPR biosensing capacity to detect conventional targets such as antibodies, antigens, lipids, nucleic acids and hormones as well as expand into pesticides, small molecule drugs, self-assembled monolayers and nanoparticles.

Portable, 4-Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance
our P4SPR platform is perfect for assay development and optimization at your bench, for environmental testing and monitoring on the field, and for teaching the basics of SPR to undergraduates.

Afficoat: Affinité’s proprietary peptide surface coating for reduced nonspecific binding and enhanced immunoassay performance. 

Microhole Array Technology: A new class of thin metallic films for SPR combining SPR and LSPR benefits in Vis-NIR Kretschmann SPR.

Open Innovation 

In addition to our current product line, Affinité seeks to work with industry partners in an open innovation model to develop and deploy label-free monitoring sensors to address current and future industry challenges. The idea of open innovation is to tap into outside pools of experts to help firms compete and grow by accelerating their innovations. In other words, it means using a mix of internal and external resources (e.g., expertise, equipment, talent, IP) and expertise to achieve a goal (e.g., market a new product to address an identified unmet need). Wondering how we can help? Let’s chat!


A team focused on the commercialization of demand-driven innovations
Jean-François Masson

Jean-François Masson


Expert on surface plasmon resonance technologies, instrumentation and analytical chemistry, Dr. Masson is a full professor of Chemistry at the Université de Montréal (Canada).

Ludovic Live

Ludovic Live


Navigating in business and science, Dr. Live is a chemistry trained, former policy advisor with startup experience. Key experiences include working on Advanced Manufacturing initiatives with Ontario and working with a medical device startup that raised over $50M in funding.

Joelle Pelletier

Joelle Pelletier

Vice President, Research

Expert on biodetection and protein engineering integrating protein structure determination, Dr. Pelletier is co-director of PROTEO and professor of Chemistry and adjunct professor of Biochemistry at UdeM.

Sandy Zhao

Sandy Zhao

Field Application Specialist

Dr. Zhao is an expert in process development in the drug manufacturing and contract analytical services. Dr. Zhao helps a broad base of customers as she is fluent in French, English and Mandarin.

Michael Atkin

Michael Atkin

Chair of Board of Directors

Mr. Atkin is CEO of Gladius Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology firm developing novel drugs to treat life-threatening, multi-drug-resistant bacterial infections. He has many years of experience in advancing early stage life sciences products and technologies towards commercialization.

Philippe Masson

Philippe Masson

Engineering Advisor

Mr. Masson is Director Software Research & Development for AV&R. In addition to his deep knowledge in machine vision and robotics, Mr Masson works with international clients to focus technological development according to clients’ needs.

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