Portable, 4-channel surface plasmon resonance

The miniature SPR companion to accelerate your discoveries with label-free sensing

The P4SPR is one of the world’s most compact multi-channel SPR device. This book-size device is design for rapid testing. Convert your real-time data into meaningful results within minutes. Tested in crowded lab spaces and open fields, the versatile P4SPR is your perfect companion for biomolecular interaction investigation, clinical assay optimization, and even environmental testing. Contact us to see how the P4SPR can accelerate your discoveries. 


Data published in over 15 papers in high impact journals, reviews and book chapters in areas such as biochemistry and analytical chemistry.


Workhorse instrument in academic research for over a decade. Tested by over 500 students and researchers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Key Features

Core Technology​​

The P4SPR uses benchmark Kretschmann configuration. The total internal reflection setup enables detection in complex media such as serum, milk or waste water. See our Affinite – Tech note SPR  to learn more on Affinité SPR.

Flexible Design​​

The chip-based P4SPR requires users to inject various solutions to get real-time data. The three-channel sample port provides high-quality data that can be referenced by the fourth channel. For flow sensitive experiments, the P4SPR can easily be fitted to a pump or put inline with another instrument. See our Spec sheet to learn more.

Rapid Data Processing​

The P4SPR control software allows for easy data acquisition and processing of P4SPR data. The intuitive data processing method allows users to get a titration curve or affinity data in very little time. See our software page to learn more.
"A number of academic research labs in the university have taken advantage of the ultra-portable unit to carry out SPR based binding experiments in their own labs with publishable results."
Kyle B.
Director of Functional Proteomics Facility

Features and Benefits

  • Portable / Accessible
  • Precise with triplicate and reference
  • Direct detection in complex media
  • Can be integrated with other analytical techniques (e.g., HPLC, MS, Raman, Fluo)
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust
  • Low throughput
  • Easy to use

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions in mm: 175 x 155 x 55
    Weight of < 1.3 kg
  • USB powered
  • Microfluidic cell min. volume: 50 uL
  • Sensitivity typical for gold thin film-based SPR
  • Resolution of 1 micro refractive index unit
  • Dynamic range from 1.33 to 1.39 refractive index unit
  • Coefficient of variation on signal of > 0.6%
  • Polychromatic light source
  • LabVIEW TM control graphical user interface
  • Compatible with Ridgeview’s TraceDrawerTM
  • Download our Tech Sheet for more details.

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